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web analytics for small business websites

| January 18, 2012

For most, ‘web analytics’ sounds like something the geeky (or nerdy) kid would use or that course in college you stayed far away from.  For small business owners, web analytics can be a valuable tool to learn more about customer interaction on their website, and to better understand if their website is supporting their overall […]

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small business websites – help google help you!

| July 31, 2011

Most small businesses have websites today.  The cost of development, hosting and maintenance have dropped to levels which make it affordable for small businesses to quickly and easily take their business to the web.  As a small business owner, you’ve provided the content, images and approved the design of your website now it’s live!  Congrats, […]

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creating a youth athletic league website with wordpress (part 1)

| May 17, 2011

For those of us with kids, we are all familiar with the Youth Athletic Club (“YAC” or “club”); baseball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, etc.  Most of these clubs have “attempted” to create a website to support the communication needs of the club and club members, but what they have created is a historical resting place of […]

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