do you use evernote? you probably should…..

| April 30, 2014

Students, consultants or just about any professional should consider using Evernote for note taking.  I started using it just over 3 years ago, and have found it an invaluable resource for storing and organizing notes, presentations, or just about anything.  It’s accessible anywhere and it’s easy to use.


What have I used it for:

  • Vendor meetings – great tool to store notes from your weekly vendor meetings.  I use a single note and add the current weeks notes at the drop (reverse chronological order), and makes it easy to find the follow ups from the last meeting.
  • Conferences – I’ve attended many and am generally a good note taker at these conferences because I like to share them with my team.  I compile my notes, clip slides from the presenters presentation, annotate them and save to my Evernote.  Then share my notes with the team by sending them a URL to my notes.
  • Projects – great repository for meeting agendas, notes from brainstorming meeting, etc.
  • Created a log of job interviews; who I met with, questions asked, etc.
  • Copies of Articles – they have a free web clipper that you install in your browser and it makes it incredibility easy to make a personal copy of an article for future reference.
  • Personal – ever have that customer service issue with a store that drags on for weeks (or months), keep my notes on who I spoke with and the date in Evernote.
  • Special receipts and warranty info – every buy that electronic device for your child and get the extended replacement warranty (being a father of 3 boys I get it all the time).  Well when the item gets ruined, lucky for me I took a picture of the critical information I needed and added to my Personal Notebook in Evernote.

Everyone organizes their notes differently, Evernote gives you the ability to create different notebooks to categorize your notes.  And each note can be custom tagged with keywords to help you further organize them.



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