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| April 25, 2014

Buttons Matter? What does that mean??

It means the sytle, color and text labels of your website buttons (or Call to Actions) make a difference.  Many sites have been using buttons that “blend” into the design of their site.   This may be the worst decision a business could have made on their website design.  Their is a hierarchy of actions we want customers to take and the corresponding buttons should convey the importance of each button on a page.

On a cart or checkout page, is the “Update Quantity” button more or less important than the “Proceed to Checkout”; well obviously buttons_collageyou want the customer to checkout and PAY for the order, so the Proceed to Checkout is more important.  So it should stand out more than the other buttons.

Colors, shapes and graphics of website buttons help us guide customers to the path we want them to take; and more importantly  achieve the objectives they want from your website.  Having buttons all the same size and color doesn’t help a customer achieve their objectives.  It just makes them work harder.

Recently, I was able to do some simple A/B testing on call to action (buttons) on an e-commerce product page.  The baseline button blended into the page and looked really nice.  I tested it against 4 different buttons and tracked the conversion rate (being the percentage of customers who visited that page and clicked on that action).   These buttons all had the same text labels (Add to Cart), but two had unique shapes, and two were different colors.  What we quickly learned is ALL of these variants did better than the base line.  Just from the point of making the Add to Cart button stand out on a page, we saw up a 37% increase in conversion rate against the baseline.

So don’t underestimate the value of a button.  You want it to look good, but you also want it to be easy to find.


Note:   I purposely did not include sample graphics in my article as every site and customer base is different.  You need to test what works best for your website and customer.


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